Ice Maker & Flaker

Ice Maker & Flaker

Types of Ice
Gourmet Ice: Hard, clear and slow melting. Ideal for liquor.
Full Cube Ice: Softer than gourmet ice, full cube ice is widely used for general purpose cooling of drinks due to its maximum liquid displacement.
Half-Cube Ice: Similar characteristics as the full cube but half in size. Suitable for carbonated drinks.
Flake Ice: With a higher moisture level and being able to be spread around a product to cool it quickly. Suitable for seafood, fish and blended cocktails.
Nugget Ice: This is flake ice molded into small, random sized nuggets that are easier to chew and does not stick together. Suitable for carbonated drinks and blended cocktails.

Self-Contained or Modular

20 to 1190 kg per 24 hours

Operating Power:

Condenser Type:
Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled

Temperature and Hardness of water supply can affect equipment performance.