Chiller, freezer & cold room

Refrigerated & unrefrigerated display case. Various type of model. Bain-Marie or ice bank chilling system. Panoramic curved glass. Illumination with fluorescent light. Temperature: 5 to -3

Upright chiller or freezer - A wide range of model. Hygiene & cleanability. Maximum storage capacity & energy saving. Easy maintenance.


Counter chiller/freezer - A wide range of model. Hygiene & cleanability. Upright, telescopic slides & caskets are all snap in type, & can be removed without the aids of tools. Maximum inside volume available for storage.


These versatile units may be ordered as a mirror-back unit, a see-through unit with sliding door, front & back. Anytime you need change; the back can be converted in the field. Optional laminate panel can be added to match the décor of your kitchen or restaurant.


Sandwich/Salad Unit

The only sandwich/salad unit on the market featuring foam insulated cover to keep pans colder & lock in freshness. Also minimizes condensation. No plumbing required. Simple installation. Standard 4" deep, clear polycarbonate insert pans. Extra wide 12" full length removable cutting board. Versatile, sanitary, high-density polyethylene provides tough surface. Large, comfortable working area.

Bottom mount compressor - positioned to save service time. Compressor runs in coolest & most grease-free area of kitchen. Bottom shelf higher for no-stoop access. Bottom mount compressor positioning allows for storage area on top of reach-in. Lighting activated only when door is opened.


These cold rooms have been expressly designed to satisfy the most different specific requirements for an optimum use of space & the solution of particular problems of preservation & / or hygiene.

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